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Santa Barbara Integrative Psychiatry uses a root-cause integrative approach to accelerate healing and improve mind-health performance.

We offer both general psychiatric care & ketamine assisted therapy (KAT).

Our doctors start with an 80-minute intake session to create a customized treatment program that includes: supplements, targeted nutrition, mind-health coaching, and when needed medications to help you realize your mind's full potential. 

Free 20 minute Consult

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging."      


-Joseph Campbell

We offer a free 20 min consultation so you can get a sense of what it would be like to work with us and to answer any questions you may have. Please read through our Fees and FAQ's page information first. 

Note: we are an out-of-network provider and do not accept medicare.


We take an evidenced-based holistic view to the treatment of our clients. We utilize cutting-edge psychotherapies, nutrition, exercise coaching, proven supplements, and judicious use of pharmaceuticals when needed.


We believe that by aiming treatments at both the mind and body we can get at the root causes of the blockages that keep our clients from achieving superior health and enhance their mind-health in an efficient and effective manner.



  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAT / KAP)

  • Integrated Supplement & Medication Mgmt

  • Mind-Health Coaching & Consulting

  • Mindfulness-Based & Somatic Psychotherapy

  • Enhanced Sleep Program

  • Attention Skills Training

  • Comprehensive Genetic & Nutrition Testing and Evaluation (Genomind & SpectraCell) 

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Santa Barbara 
Integrative Psychiatry


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