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SB Integrative Psychiatry offers a wide range of services to fit your needs. Below are brief descriptions of the services we currently offer.

​Note:  We offer a free 20min consultation so you can get a sense of what it would be like to work with our doctors and to answer any questions you have. Please call: 805-679-3034 to schedule your free consult today. 

Mind - Health Optimization

Recent neuroscientific research provides increasing evidence that decreased neuroplasticity and increased inflammation as the two biggest biological factors that contribute to brain imbalances leading to impairments in functioning. 

We provide a comprehensive program to stimulate neuroplasticity and reduce inflammation to make sure your brain and nervous system are optimized to heal and realize its true potential. 

The 4 main ways to enhance neuroplasticity and reduce inflammation are:

1) Improving Sleep Quality

2) Brain-boosting body movements / exercise

3) Attention building practices / meditation

4) Targeted Nutrition / supplementation

Mind - Health Coaching / Consulting

Designed for professionals who want to increase their mental performance. Specific supplements and techniques are given to strengthen the mind and improve key areas including: memory, decision-making capacity, processing speed, and creative problem solving. 


SBIP offers mindfulness-based psychotherapy and somatic therapy to help clients rapidly change unhelpful negative thinking and beliefs and increase emotional regulation and well-being. Designed to effectively and efficiently improve depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, and other common disorders.

Enhanced Sleep Program

SBIP offers a comprehensive sleep recovery and enhancement program. We use a combination of behavioral and supplemental strategies to help clients achieve the best sleep they have had in years.

Attention and Interoception Training

We offer a specific set of techniques and strategies designed to enhance attentional functioning and improve body awareness. Interoception training has been shown in neuroscience to help a wide range of issues including anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorders, eating disorders and helps improve social relationships. 

Comprehensive Genetic Testing & Evaluation

Scientific studies show that fewer than 50% of patients with depression respond to their first treatment and up to 30% of patients discontinued treatment due to intolerable side effects. Furthermore, over 70% of patients who have failed one or more antidepressants are taking a genetically sub-optimal medication. We have all been dealt the genetic deck of cards at conception-- it makes sense to look at the cards we have been dealt so that we know how to best play our hand. 

Integrated Supplement & Medication Mgmt

SBIP also offers optimized medication and supplement mgmt services for those clients looking to feel better in a simple yet effective way. SBIP utilizes evidenced-based pharmacology combined with proven supplements in order to get the best results for our clients.

Santa Barbara 
Integrative Psychiatry


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