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What can I expect as a client of SB Integrative Psychiatry?

NOTE: This is a general guide as to what can be expected. Individual cases may vary.


1) After you you book an initial appointment - go to the FORMS page on this website and fill our intake and associated forms on the left hand column which are sent to us through our HIPAA compliant encrypted google forms. 

2) Session 1:  We will go through your intake form and your Comprehensive Lifestyle and Mind-Health Analysis

                        We will go over any blood-work and any relevant testing you may bring with you. We will then                              discuss the mind-health issues you want to improve and create a customized treatment                                        plan.


                       This may include:

                       -Supplements and potentially prescription medications

                       -Additional blood work - if nutritional or hormonal imbalances are suspected or                                                        you haven't had blood work in the past 6 months. 

                       -Customized lifestyle adjustments

                       -Genetic testing 


                       Duration: 80 minutes

                       After the session you will download two documents from the right hand column of our FORMS                             page underneath the header - Session 2 Documents:

                       Using your Fork to Renovate your Brain 

                       Enhanced Sleep Protocol

2) Session 2:  RECOMMENDED No later than 2 weeks after the 1st session 


                       We will go over:

                       -Any issues that may have arisen in between the sessions and address them.

                       -The treatment plan and make any adjustments/additions that may be indicated.                                                     -Any testing that may have been done.

                       -Discuss any questions you may have about the documents on brain nutrition and sleep.


                        If time allows for it:

                       -The basics of brain health and neuroplasticity and the importance of attentional training for                                  brain growth and performance enhancement.

                       -The basics of attentional training and teach you (and record) a 3 minute and if time allows 10                                minute attentional exercise(s). The recordings will be sent to your email for you to use and                            work with.

                        Duration: 50 minutes

3) Session 3:  RECOMMENDED No later than 2 weeks after the 2nd session 

                        In addition to going over specific issues/concerns and the treatment plan we will add to your                                attentional training a 15 minute exercise. If interested you can take on the 21-day attention                                  game challenge.


                        If time allows we will explore your values and begin to find out what your best motivations                                     are to guide your life. A Value Guide Sheet will be given including exercises to help you track and                          target your top values. 

                       Duration: 50 minutes

Note that complex/difficult cases or those cases where many issues come up in-between sessions may extend the fundamental sessions beyond the 3rd session.  Once the fundamentals are taught clients become established clients and can choose sessions whenever they want with a couple of noteworthy exceptions:

Medications: If you are being prescribed a medication by our doctors you will be required to make monthly appointments for the first 3 months. If you are stable at that point the appointments can be changed to once every two months.*

*Controlled medications: Require 6 months of monthly appointments. If you are stable at that point the appointments can be changed to once every two months. Those clients who come to see our doctors to try to get off of controlled medications are required to see our doctors monthly. 



What are your professional fees?


Initial Evaluation and Assessment                                                    80 minutes: $680

E/M Established Patient (outpatient)                                               50 minutes: $425


E/M Established Patient (outpatient)                                               25 minutes: $275

Missed Appointment (cancel < 48 hours)                                         as per fee

Generally we recommend that each new patient (excluding consultations) have an 80 minute initial evaluation and 1 or 2 - 50 min follow-up appointments in order for you to learn the basic fundamentals on how to build a strong mind & brain. These initial appointments set up the foundation of your treatment program. 

Note: These are recommendations only - due to the wide variety of issues you may be facing other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

Once the foundation is set, you can decide to continue to see us for either 25 minute sessions or 50 minute sessions - depending on your needs. ​

Second Opinion Consultation: in-session time 80 minutes plus a 2-page summary report that includes your basic psychological profile, possible diagnoses, and lifestyle + possible pharmacological suggestions: $895

Court Depositions: Decided on a case by case basis and if our schedules allow: $625/hr


Do you accept insurance?


SB Integrative Psychiatry is a private mental health treatment center and does not participate in any insurance networks.


We are considered an out-of-network provider and as per law guidelines have opted out of Medicare (if you have Medicare you will not be able to have them pay for your visits).


However, many insurances will provide a certain amount of reimbursement for out-of-network providers.

Upon request, a superbill will be provided to all clients at each visit which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.




You can find out if your medical insurance provider will pay for a % of your visit costs by calling them with the # they provide on the back of your card. 


3 helpful questions to ask your insurance carrier are: 


1) Does my plan offer out-of-network mental health benefits?

2) If YES then ask: What is my deductible (the amount you pay up front before your benefits kick in)?


3) Lastly, ask: What % of reimbursement do you provide once I meet my deductible?

For example: If your insurance person says YES to the first question, says that your deductible is $400 dollars to the 2nd question, says that your % reimbursement is 70% once you meet your deductible to the 3rd question then:

This would mean that the 1st $400 is out of pocket with no benefits. After that your insurance kicks in and will cover 70% of the costs thereafter. 


NOTE: We accept credit cards, debit cards, and funds from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account card as payment options.


For in-person sessions both checks and cash are acceptable and due at the time of the appointment. 

What are your cancellation and no show policies?


Please note that SB Integrative Psychiatry has a 48 hour (2 business days/excludes weekends & national holidays) cancellation policy


Cancellations made less than 48 business hours and no shows are charged the booked session fee. 


We are a low volume / high quality practice and every appointment is designed to be filled. We have found that it generally takes about 2 business days to find a replacement for a cancellation. 

If you do cancel in less than 48 hours & we can find a replacement for the time slot you had booked, then you will not be charged the session fee.


Also if you are seriously ill and had to go to the hospital or urgent care center and can provide us with a doctor's note then we will waive the session fee charge (does NOT apply to No shows)

* Please note that when you schedule the initial intake appointment, we require a credit card on file to hold the appointment time for you along with a $250.00 deposit which will be applied to your card.


NOTE: If you decide to cancel the intake appointment > 48 business hours (excludes weekends & national holidays) before your scheduled appointment time, then your deposit will be promptly refunded back to you. 


How can I schedule an appointment?


To schedule an initial appointment you can call our office manager Taylor at (805) 679-3034 for a 20 minute free consultation with Dr. Kim D.N. Le (phonetically pronounced "Lay") or for Dr. Michael B. Mantz (phonetically like "Pants" but with an "M" :)


While we do our best to be available to answer all calls in a prompt manner, should you get our voicemail, please leave us a message and we will be sure to return your call - usually within one business day. 


Santa Barbara 
Integrative Psychiatry


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