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SB Integrative Psychiatry offers a wide range of services to fit your needs. After an initial evaluation, you and your doctor will collaborate together to create a customized plan that draws from the most progressive and evidenced-based interventions that target both the mind and body. Below are brief descriptions of the services we currently offer.

​Of note: We currently are using a videoconferencing model to work with our clients. This offers many conveniences and added privacy. We offer a free 20min videoconference consultation so you can get a sense of what it would be like to work with us and to answer any questions you have.

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapies

Mindfulness points to the great power of your attention. What you put your attention on grows. Our minds without training often get caught up and attached to negative thinking, feelings, and self-destructive behaviors. Since we are frequently bombarded by negative events through the news and through other mediums it is no wonder we are often over-stressed and prone to anxiety and depression disorders. Mindfulness therapies have the capacity to make a person's mind more flexible, more efficient, and more resilient when inevitable stressors come through one's life. Recent scientific studies point to the multiple benefits that mindfulness can have on the mind and the body. SBIP uses a full range of mindfulness interventions based on your own unique needs to help you get back on your feet as fast as possible. Note: The research done on mindfulness interventions point to the fact that they work when one commits to daily practice. As little as 10 minutes of mindfulness exercises per day, 6 days a week can profoundly change one's relationship with themselves, their thoughts, their feelings, and their perceptions about the world.

Exercise Evaluations & Coaching

Many scientific studies confirm the powerful effects of exercise on the mind and body. Dr. Mantz has had many years of experience personally training professional athletes. He also taught many future doctors, residents, and nurses on how to exercise while in medical school and during his residency.


Dr. Mantz' focus is how to exercise in the most time-efficient and effective ways in order to get the most benefit for the least amount of time.


Most of us lead such busy lives that exercising every day for 30 minutes or more is simply not feasible. The good news is that you can exercise in a fraction of that time and achieve superior results both in how you look and how you feel. In particular, those clients suffering from depression and anxiety issues can greatly enhance their recovery by incorporating exercise into their lives.

Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodyamically informed Therapies

CBT, created by the brilliant doctor Aaron Beck, is one of the most researched and utilized psychotherapies today. CBT's focus is on restructuring negative thinking so that your thoughts have less negative influence on your feelings and how you see the world. Psychodynamics, on the other hand, focuses on making one aware of the unconsciously driven self-destructive patterns that limit one's ability to reach their full potential. By making these unconscious patterns conscious, clients gain the ability to process through their negative patterns and begin to live their lives in a new and healthier way that's not limited by these patterns. SBIP utilizes the best components of these disciplines in order to provide each of our clients with a plan to liberate them from negative thinking and negative patterns so that they can live life based on their own terms and on their own healthy wants and desires. 

Meditation/Relaxation Training

In today's fast-paced high demanding world many people have difficulties getting in touch with what truly matters in their lives. Meditation and relaxation training can give one the tools to be able to recenter themselves and become more adept at handling the many stressors that will come their way. Rather than focus on one style of meditation and relaxation training, SBIP utilizes several meditational and relaxation interventions to see which interventions are most appropriate on a client by client basis. No prior experience is needed. In some cases customized guided meditations will be created for a client that specifically target their own unique needs so that each client can train in a way that best suits them. This will maximize our clients' abilities to relax and be calm even if their life situations become stormy.

Optimized Medication & Supplement Mgmt

SBIP also offers optimized medication and supplement mgmt services for those clients looking to feel better in a simple yet effective way. SBIP utilizes evidenced-based pharmacology combined with proven supplements in order to get the best results for our clients.



Nutritional/Diet Evaluations & Coaching

SBIP asserts the obviousness that the mind and body are connected. That how you feel, think, or behave influences your body and that your physical body influences how you feel, think or behave. Simply put the mind powerfullly influences the body and the body powerfully influences the mind. Since the two are so powerfully interrelated it makes a lot of sense to treat both the mind and the body when suffering and dis-ease are occurring.  Our nutritional/diet coaching rely primarily on 3 time New York Times Best-Selling author Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his evidenced based Nutritarian diet style. When one combines psychotherapy, nutrition, exercise, and meditation into a healthy lifestyle, this combination becomes an unbeatable healthy arsenal to sweep away unhealthy physical and mental toxins. When you sweep away these unhealthy toxins true health naturally emerges.

Functional Medicine Psychiatry 

Functional medicine is root cause medicine, where it seeks to discover and correct the underlying causes of chronic symptoms rather than the band-aid approach of masking symptoms with medication and never searching for and addressing the underlying cause. Factors like nutrition, lifestyle, genetics including MTHFR and COMT genetic polymorphisms, GI health including food allergies and dysbiosis, chronic infections, hormone balance and biochemical abnormalities can all be contributors to problems with psychiatric symptoms, chronic fatigue, and cognition difficulties. 


Comprehensive Genetic Testing & Evaluation

Scientific studies show that fewer than 50% of patients with depression respond to their first treatment and up to 30% of patients discontinued treatment due to intolerable side effects. Furthermore, over 70% of patients who have failed one or more antidepressants are taking a genetically sub-optimal medication. We have all been dealt the genetic deck of cards at conception--we believes that it makes sense to look at the cards we have been dealt so that we know how to best play our hand. 


Santa Barbara 
Integrative Psychiatry


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